Monday AM News: Security, Recycling, Smarter Schools, DNA

Chicago bishop wants head of CPS security out
A Chicago minister wants the head of security at Chicago Public Schools to resign, after a disturbance at a South side school.

Red tape holding up school recycling Tribune
Some of Evanston's youngest environmentalists have learned the benefits of recycling--and the sluggishness of bureaucracy--in their attempts to rid school cafeterias of white foam lunch trays.

Smarter schools for Illinois Tribune
In our minds, we are generous to our schoolchildren. And, to a point, we are. Last year we paid $20 billion in taxes to support education in Illinois, in the hope that our young people would flourish in excellent public schools. And, to a point, they did.

Family tree may get a bit bigger Columbia Chronicle
Most high-schoolers read about the history of humankind in a textbook. But for more than 700 students in the Chicago Public Schools, the lessons are getting personal.

UPDATE:  Board
of Ed scofflaws earn dunce caps
Sun Times (via Catalyst)
If we were going to rate Ovadiah Lords' scofflaw performance, we would have to
give him a 21-boot salute for having rung up more than $20,000 in overdue
parking fees -- yes, twenty thousand dollars -- going back to 2003. But this
isn't just a guy with some kind of meter phobia. A Chicago Board of Education
employee -- he's a security aide at Louis J. Agassiz School -- he is a glaring
symbol of the scofflaw culture that still persists in branches of local
government despite concerted efforts to snuff it out.

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