Monday AM News: School Taxes, Chinese and Dropouts

Use new state Senate votes to push for school tax swap Sun-Times
Following the Democrats' Election Day harvest, the ball is now in Emil Jones' court. Commanding a veto-proof majority, the state Senate president has the opportunity he long has been waiting for to put on a full-scale press for education-funding reform ...

Eastward Ho! Tribune
Teaching its schoolkids Chinese seems like a no-brainer for a global city on the make like Chicago, right? But some critics are suspicious of China's help.

Task force to count, reclaim dropouts Catalyst
When Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed a law to raise the age that teenagers can legally leave school, it was the first step toward tackling the high school dropout rate. Step two, advocates say, is nailing down how many teenagers are out of school now and then getting them to come back.

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