Monday AM News: Class Size, School Report Cards and More Merit Pay

City schools tie office staff pay to job performance Tribune
Cost-of-living increases are a thing of the past for more than 1,300 administrative employees at the Chicago Public Schools because of a new merit pay system that is virtually unheard of for public employees.

School test data tardier than ever Tribune
A series of computer glitches, printing mistakes, labeling blunders and human error by school and testing officials have conspired to seriously delay the state's 2006 school report cards, making Illinois one of only two states that have yet to get student test results to children, parents and schools.

Teachers' IDs mailed by mistake Tribune
A printing contractor for the Chicago Public Schools said Sunday that it mistakenly mailed a list of names, Social Security numbers and home addresses of nearly 1,740 former school employees as part of a packet of health-insurance information to them.

Honey, should we shrink the kids' classrooms? Sun-Times
... Blume's class in the leafy Ravenswood neighborhood is a size that some researchers say is small enough -- around 15 -- to make a significant difference in student achievement, especially among poor, minority children in the primary grades, kindergarten through third.

Schools are top scorers, but have jammed classes Sun-Times
Small, medium or large. What class size would you choose for your child? Today, in the second of two parts -- what may seem counterintuitive: Some of the best test scores are being racked up by Chicago schools with some of the largest primary class sizes.

School hit by burglars to get state computers Tribune
Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn said refurbished state computers will be given to a South Side elementary school that was ransacked Sunday by burglars who stole 14 new computers and other equipment.

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