Monday AM News: Baby step progress, Math formula, Battle of Books, Lane Tech seniors wait, Students study for divestment

The pitter-patter of progress Tribune
That barely audible pitter-patter in Illinois might just be the sound of baby steps toward better schools -- and better performing students. Hear it? Probably not, thanks to the din stirred up over the prospect of a huge gross receipts tax in Illinois to fund education and expand health-care coverage.

1st things 1st should be math class formula Tribune
Consider this 7th grade math problem: A company makes both 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters. If it has 50 scooter bodies and 160 wheels, calculate how many 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters it can produce using all of its bodies and wheels.

Readers match wits in Battle of Books Tribune
Huddled around a desk inside a South Side classroom, the team of five pupils from Goudy Elementary School pondered the question: "In the book 'Airborn,' what gift from his father did Matt Cruse carry?"

Lane Tech seniors await decision Sun Times
A decision is expected this week on whether Lane Technical High seniors can graduate in the Lane Stadium, Chicago Public Schools officials said Friday.

Students Want U of C to Divest From Sudan WBEZ
In honor of a national Darfur Action Week, University of Chicago students are demanding that the school reconsider its decision not to pull investments out of Sudan.

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