Monday AM News: Aspiring Artists, Hispanic Students, Scholarships, Big Picture

Expressing themselves Daily Southtown
Ayanna Bennett is close to attaining the kind of exposure aspiring artists mostly dream about. Ayanna, a sixth-grader at Ariel Community Academy in Chicago's Kenwood community, is a candidate to become one of the first artists displayed along one of the city's expressways.<p>

'It's gotten better, but it's bad' Sun Times
In schools with high concentrations of Hispanic students, it has long been common to see empty seats in class the week or two before and after Christmas, when immigrant families take their kids to visit relatives back home.

Students come up winners Tribune
Like an athlete on draft day, 17-year-old Sharde Hameed waited to hear her name, carefully sipping ginger ale to calm her nerves.

Big Picture Open House Jan 18, Part II Marshfield Tattler
At long last, Big Picture Back of the Yards is taking its struggle to survive public and enlisting community support. The open house is intended to show the community what Big Picture students have been doing for the last three and a half years.

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