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Recruiting the best Tribune

Nickol could have taken a higher-paying job. He could have gone to
graduate school. Instead, he took a job with Teach for America, the
program that places recent graduates of elite universities in
underprivileged schools to teach for two years.

Meeks still thinks Blago's education plan step in right direction Daily Southtown
"Nobody is discussing the education reform plan," Meeks said, sighing,
when asked what most surprised him about the reaction. "Everybody is
discussing the funding source."

New Schools on the Horizon WBEZ
the last official day of the Chicago public school year, Jackie Leavy,
Executive Director for the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group, discusses
Mayor Daleys plan, unveiled June 15, 2006, to build twenty-four new
schools and renovate three more.

Gates' largess expected to continue benefit here CST
And as the Microsoft
billionaire spends more time at the $29 billion Bill & Melinda
Gates Foundation, Chicago area institutions are likely to continue to
benefit from Gate's generosity.

Leaders Ask For Safety At Bogan High SW Daily Herald
Community leaders and local residents gathered
Tuesday night to plea for help to ensure safety at Bogan High School,
3939 W. 79th St.

>The Rainbow/PUSH Coalition plans
to lead a march on Springfield this fall demanding state legislators
act on education reform, president and founder Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr.
said at the organization's annual conference Thursday.

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