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Teacher bonus plan a political ploy CST
This is not a serious
proposal, merely a political maneuver to slam Mayor Daley or advance
the governor's plan to lease or sell the state lottery.

Watchdog barks at schools tax hike CST
The Civic Federation,
a well-known government watchdog group, is urging Chicago School Board
members to reject yet another tax-to-the-max school budget that asks
city taxpayers to help bankroll a murky $1 billion school construction

Teen-driving law takes aim at truants Tribune

next summer, high school truants in Illinois may find their driving
privileges revoked thanks to a bill signed Saturday by Gov. Rod

Dropping Anchor at Columbia Tribune

fall, David Jones got a once-in-a-lifetime job offer, a potential
career move that many Chicago arts administrators might have made in a
New York minute. But Jones -- an artist, teacher and master printer,
with deep roots in the city's cultural community -- was faced with a

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