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Grade-fixing claim 'totally false' CST

The Farragut High School principal who has been under investigation by
the Chicago Public Schools in an alleged grade-fixing scandal said
Saturday that while 12 to 14 students, some of whom played on the
school's soccer team, did have their grades inflated, he had nothing to
do with it.

Changes In NBPTS Supprt In Illinois? Teach and Learn
received an email today that said that as of June 30th, the ISU
National Board Resource Center would be closing, and that all
subsequent state-level support for NBPTS certification would be
administered by the Iroquois/Kankakee Regional Office of Education..."

Impact of Buffett money on Gates CST
This money, which
could double thanks to Buffett's donation, has the potential of evening
the odds for the talented kids not smart enough to pick millionaire
parents by better preparing them for college.

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