Mel Gibson And Small Schools

The world seems full of connections and coincidences that only occasionally come to light.  For example, who knew until a few days ago that Mel Gibson, famous among other things for The Passion of the Christ (and a recent anti-semitic DUI arrest), was also preparing to do a TV miniseries about the Holocaust?  (Not surprisingly, the project has been shelved.)

Today's education coincidence is the release of a report on small high schools (which suggests that they're doing well at lots of things but not hitting the ball out of the park on test scores) combined with the arrival of the Ren10 newsletter (Download PDF) in which -- as usual -- claims all sorts of great things happening on the small schools front (including -- you guessed it -- big test score improvements).

First off, anyone who touts those fishy ISAT 2006 scores (or the PSAEs that are on their way) too heavily is probably going to regret it. Saying Dodge scored 36.5 percentage points higher than last year is not credible.  Second, how funny that we get two documents in one day -- one saying that small schools aren't doing so well on tests, the other saying they're doing great. Third -- the Ren10 report also comes out on a day when CPS blocks a charter school from opening as planned (see morning news).

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