McGreal For President? (Union President, That Is)

A little birdie tells me that former Gage Park principal Marty McGreal -- the guy who refused to overenroll the school and was fired by CPS for it -- has now found a safe place to land over at Curie.

So, what about McGreal running for CTU president?  Agree or disagree with him about what he did, you can't ask for a more vivid demonstration of leadership or commitment.  On the other hand, he's got lots of things going against him -- he's white, he's young, he's a man, and, some might argue, he abandoned his kids and teachers in making his point.

What do you think?  Stewart, Lynch, McGreal, someone else, or "it doesn't make a difference"?


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  • Marty McGreal would bring a new energy into the Union; if he decides to run, those of us looking for an alternative to the present two party system inside the CTU would be able to vote for a candidate that is competent and courageous. Marty's stand at Gage Park shoulded be lauded by all who care about education and the working conditions of educators.

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