May Board Meeting News [Updated]

Tomorrow is another Board meeting downtown, and here's the official agenda for the meeting (PDF) and the full report on actions taken from last month (also PDF).

Along with the usual slew of resolutions there are a couple of interesting things to note, including a new probation and remediation process for next year, and a slew of charter renewals (for Youth Connections, CICS, KIPP, UNO, Ascend, and Shabazz).

I'm working on getting a copy of the new probation policy, though I think it's something that was already announced.

UPDATE: Rescheduled for next week so that Duncan and Williams can go to Springfield.

UPDATE 2: More details on the proposed probation and remediation changes in the Chi-Town Daily News (Education board to consider new system for rating schools) and from the Board (PDF)

UPDATE 3: Catalyst sends in a description of the meeting highlights in a June 5 comment below.

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