Mandatory Writing Prompts & Cum. Cards

Questions from a reader:

"The 7th/ 8th grade teachers at my lunch table today were talking

about a writing prompt that the board has mandated that they give the

kids next week. I'm not sure if it's for 7th or 8th grade. Anyway,they said that they were told ("board mandate") that this one prompt

should count as at least 50% of the students' 4th quarter writing

grade. Of course, they are not going to follow that mandate, but I

find it hard to believe that anyone would mandate such a thing. Who

knows though. Any truth to that?"

Also: "Has IMPACT made the paper and pencil cumulative

cards obsolete, or will we now do both? My principal doesn't know.

Cum. cards take forever, so I'm hoping for good news here. Will we

even be entering cumulative grades into IMPACT?"

Anyone know the answers?

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