Making Schools More Engaging (Not Smaller)

There've been some interesting comments about how the Gates-funded HS transformation plan does -- or doesn't -- match up with the CPS reorg, but I think it's just as well worth noting how far the Gates folks have come from their original small schools focus to this much broader, hopefully much deeper, approach to things. 

There's no talk about breaking up any of the 14 schools into smaller units (though some of them already are).  Effective or not, the intent is to focus on curriculum and instruction. 

City dropouts target of grant

many high school dropouts saying they left school because they felt
unchallenged in the classroom, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on
Monday gave $21 million to the Chicago Public Schools system to
establish a more rigorous curriculum in city high schools.

Gates Foundation gives $21 mil. to schools
Freshmen at 14 Chicago public high schools will have a more challenging
and engaging curriculum in English, math and science -- and
better-trained teachers -- thanks to a $21 million grant from the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation.

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