LSC Secrecy In Principal Selection Process

Things may not yet have turned around entirely at Noble Street, where the former principal was arrested for embezzling thousands of dollars and a new LSC has been elected.

A reader tells me that, while principal selection is well underway, some of the patterns of the past are continuing. Most notably, the lack of communication between the LSC and the rest of the school when it comes to budgets and posting minutes and winnowing down principal candidates.

"I was under the impression the LSC was meant to help build a community where both parents and staff work together. Why then is someone from central office preventing this from happening, and in fact encouraging divisiveness and secretive meetings?"

The lack of communication isn't accidental, the teacher says. Apparently, the Board has gotten LSC members to sign some sort of nondisclosure agreement. That I've never heard of. Not surprisingly, this has led to lots of rumors flying around the school, including one about collaboration between LSC Relations staffer Luz Lopez and LSC parent Rivas to bring a friend in as principal.

Some measure of privacy makes sense during a selection process. However, updates and selection criteria seem like a harmless thing to share, and a NDA seems extreme. Anyone know more about this?

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