LSC Elections To Watch

We won't know the final tally until tomorrow, but it looks like there are going to be enough candidates running for LSCs by the time the deadline arrives (at 3 today). As of last night, CPS LSCs guy Jose Alvarez said that they were down to 25 schools lacking enough candidates to make for a quorum. And clearly the big push last week from LSC advocates like PURE and DFC made a big difference, despite the lack of funding and the holiday week.

I did a segment on WBEZ this AM where they asked me for some LSC elections to watch out for. You may know others, but I picked out some obvious ones -- Ravenswood and Juarez and Curie (where it's still not clear whether Tom Ramos is going to run again or not) -- and some less obvious ones (like Inter-American, which has almost 20 parents already signed up to run as of the weekend) and Edison (15 parents as of last week). As of Thursday, at least, there were also some surprises -- only 5 parents signed up at Northside College Prep, and 6 at Walter Payton. That could change soon, as clerks enter names and folks get back up and running. Thanks to everyone who helped get me up to speed.

Other tidbits: roughly 25 percent of LSC membership stays the same between elections, and roughly 80 percent of LSC membership stays the same during the two-year terms, according to CPS.

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