Lots More Coverage For 19 Proposed Schools

Img_2077resize1CPS announces next installment of Renaissance 2010 Medill Reports
“Polaris! Rise up! Rise up!” Polaris Charter Academy students demonstrated a school chant Tuesday
morning as Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan revealed 19 new
school proposals for the Renaissance 2010 initiative.

19 new schools proposed for Chicago Crain's
The new school proposals include six high schools, three combined
middle and high schools, one middle school, and nine elementary
schools. Fifteen are slated to open in fall of 2008, and four schools
are slated to open the following fall, pending approval from the Board
of Education.

19 new public schools wanted in next 2 years Sun Times
Chicago hopes to add 19 public schools in the next two years, including
a school for the arts for gifted kids and three schools linked to area
universities, Chicago Schools CEO Arne Duncan announced Tuesday.

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