Local Voices On Duncan

EdWeek rounds up some familiar Chicago names to talk about Duncan. Do you agree with what they have to say?

"I am hopeful that once he is out from under the thumb of Mayor Daley

and the political machine here, and is working with Obama's people, who

I like and respect, Duncan can be liberated to do the things that I

know are in his heart as a democratic educator," said Klonsky, who has

helped incubate small schools in Chicago and elsewhere.

"So much of what is happening in Chicago is

around test prep," [Woestehoff] said. "Every teacher in Chicago will say they

feel their entire job is test prep. The reality has been that [school]

closures have been chaotic and disruptive and have harmed children. And

the replacement schools have really not proven themselves to be much

different from the schools they replaced. We don't think the result is

worth the uproar."

Arne Duncan Out From Under Mayor Daley's Thumb?.

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