Local Education News Story Goes National

I know we're all a little annoyed because it's pledge drive week, but congrats to WBEZ reporter Jay Field and all the rest of the folks helping out for having this education piece picked up nationally (by NPR) yesterday afternoon on All Things Considered: Businesses Urge Schools to Impart Basic Work Skills.

"Businesses in Chicago are lobbying the citys public schools to do a better job of training students in skills they will need for entry-level jobs...While schools have cut back over time on vocational education, an executive from the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce says businesses are expecting more of new hires than we did 10, 20 years ago... They really have to be problem-solvers. The school district is considering a new vocational high school and 22 manufacturers have expressed interest in partnering with the program. As it is now, manufacturers around the region say they must do their own training to bring workers up to speed."

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