Little Village Story Gets National Attention -- What's Next, the NYT?

This week's Education Week includes a short piece about the Little Village press conference last week:  Parents Protest Boundaries for Long-Sought Chicago School

"The four women had
participated for at least one day in a 19-day hunger strike in 2001
aimed at pressuring the Chicago district to follow through with a
promise to build a new high school in the Little Village neighborhood. ("Close to Home," March 10, 2004.)"

This is a great example of how relatively easy it is to get something into print if the folks covering it don't have  (or care about) the background information they need. 

It's also a great example of just how hard it is  to squash a story once it's gotten into print -- something I know that the LVCDC and others having been trying to do. 

What's next?  My guess is a Jodi Wilgoren piece in the NY Times. 

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