Limiting Parents' Fundraising -- Does It Work?

I'd heard about this before, but have never seen it in print: "Chicago has imposed a cap on how much parents are permitted to raise to help their children -- no more than $1500 a year in schools with fewer than 1000 students." ("Unfair" Parents Helping Public Schools National Center for Policy Analysis). Is this for real? Is it still in effect? What do you think?

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  • My kids are at a magnet that raises HUGE amounts of money. Hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Our parents donate, work, and otherwise bust our rears to do so.
    While I totally agree that schools need more funding, particularly poor areas, for things like arts enrichment,etc., what a specific group of parents raise for their kids' school needs to stay at that school for their own kids. I am sorry if other parents can't raise more money. But how is that anyone else's responsibility but their own? If I go to work and another person doesn't, am I supposed to give that person part of my paycheck? No way.

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