Let Them Eat Charters

Realizing that they need to go on the offensive rather than just fighting off attempts to limit charters even further, charter proponents (in this case Elizabeth Evans of INCS) take on the issue of raising the charter cap here: Why limit the number of charter schools? | Chicago Tribune.  Plus which, there's only so much cloning you can do. 

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  • But can't the disruptive students be put into isolated classrooms? Otherwise CPS is doing a horrible injustice to the students that aren't disruptive.

  • For what it's worth, I wasn't referring to students at the elementary (K-6) level. Children at that age can be handled by competent teachers and an aide of they are BD.

    It is at the higher levels I was referring. I don't care how competent a teacher is if a 15 year old wants to disrupt class or bully and intimidate other students, she will and there should be consequences for such. If she won't stop it, then she should be put in an environment where she can't disrupt other students' class time.

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