Let The CTU Infighting Continue!

Another week, another week of Greektown restaurant meetings and Keystone Cops brawling for those who run the CTU and those who wish to. Here's your home for the blow by blow that will almost surely be provided to us.

Regular commenter Rodney Dangerfield says: "I hear that PACT and CSDU are meeting today. Not together of course. You

can't fit Lynch's and Dallas's egos in the same city nevertheless a

room. In the meantime, Stewart is gathering her Executive Board to

practice for her performance tomorrow. Rumor has it that PACT wants a

referendum to recall Stewart, and CSDU wants to reinstate Dallas to the

Vice President's office."

Santorini (pictured) was one of my dad's favorites, especially for the octopus and that crazy garlic and potato appetizer.

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