Lawsuit Filed Against CPS For Pregnancy Firing

PURE is sending out notice (below) about a lawsuit being filed by a teacher (Sauganash Elementary School teacher Kathleen Williams) who says she was fired after saying she was pregnant. How do schools usually deal with teachers telling them that they're going to have a baby?


December 14, 2007

CONTACT: Elaine Siegel or Matthew Pavich

Elaine K. B. Siegel and Associates, 312-236-8088

Teacher sues Chicago Public Schools for discriminatory firing based on pregnancy

WHAT: A lawsuit was filed today in federal court against the Chicago Public Schools for employment discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and violation of the plaintiff’s constitutional rights and the federal Family and Medical Leave Act.

WHO: Sauganash Elementary School teacher Kathleen Williams, who had been given superior ratings, was cut from her position shortly after notifying the principal that she was expecting a baby.

WHY: It is illegal to fire an employee because she is pregnant. The false and contradictory statements given by CPS officials for firing Ms. Williams are clearly trumped up to cover up an illegal act, and after the fact. Ms. Williams subsequently was harassed and falsely accused by

school officials, incurred health insurance costs, and lost accrued sick days, pension contributions and tenure status. She wants her formerly excellent professional reputation back along with compensation for her significant losses due to CPS’s illegal acts.

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