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100 New Schools for Chicago



Volume 3, Issue 6




Top Ten Quotes about Starting a New School


“The most exciting aspect of opening a new school is the creative
innovation involved in planning curriculum goals, community outreach, the
mission of the school and community as a whole, and the excitement of being a
catalyst to launch a group of young minds into the world equipped with a solid

- Katie Smith, Catalyst School


“The Renaissance 2010 process was instrumental in pushing my
thinking about how a school’s structure influences teaching and
learning. Through our work, I’ve
been able to develop more professionally in the past year than in all of my ten
years in education!”

- Tracy Kwock, Polaris Charter Elementary


“The most exciting aspect of opening a new school are the possibilities to begin anew, to create a fresh
culture and to focus intentionally on excellence.”

- Meg Sullivan, ASPIRA Early College


“As a 2007 new school leader, I feel both honored and fortunate
to be part of an educational movement like Renaissance 2010 that is committed
to providing high quality educational options and opportunities for students in
underserved communities.”

- Soledad Ruiz, Noble Street Charter School – Escalante College Prep Campus


“The most exciting aspect of opening a new school is activating
providence. Goethe says that ‘the
moment one definitely commits oneself then providence moves.’ Opening a
school is essentially a commitment to form an intentional community. When a school begins,
providence moves and all sorts of talents, resources, aspirations, and help
moves too.
Providence moves within and between students as well.”

- John
, North Lawndale College Prep at Collins


“We, the community members, must take an active role in
developing the new schools for our community.
Our children need our involvement to grow into leaders for the

- Mildred Wiley, Community Member


“The most rewarding moment during Incubation was the
lottery. We had over 120 parents and
students attend, and kids were jumping up and down and cheering when their
names were called. Parents were crying
from joy. It was very rewarding to us to
know that all of these people were so excited about TEAM.”

- Peggy Korellis, TEAM Englewood Community Academy


“The most exciting aspect of opening a new school is working with
a community-based team to plan a program that will bring top-notch educators to
students and families.”

- Linda
Frazier Preparatory Academy


“These families are amazing.
We wouldn’t have been able to open on time without them.”

- Paul Adams, Providence-Englewood Charter School at Bunche


“Having gone through this process several times, I can say that
CPS has one of the most vigorous new school
RFP’s that guarantees quality candidates and more importantly, quality
schools. CPS has established a model
that is now being replicated in other parts of the country.”

- Juan Rangel, UNO Charter School Network






RSF New Ventures in Education seminar series |
June 2007 Seminars


New Ventures in Education brings local and national experts to
share best practices in new school development with
Chicago’s educational entrepreneurs.
Seminars are open to the entire
Chicago education community and are free of


June 12, 2007

Human Capital:
Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Incentives

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

TAMS Center, 501 W. 35th


June 27, 2007

Healthy Lifestyles

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM 

TAMS Center, 501 W. 35th St.


For more
information please visit 

RSVP required for seminar







2007 RFP Design Frameworks Due June 4th


Reminder to Applicants: Design
Frameworks are due to the Office of New Schools by
noon on June 4th.
A representative from each Design Team should plan to arrive at the Central
125 S. Clark Street,
and report to the 5th Floor,
side.  An ONS
representative will be in the lobby to direct.  The Design Team Representative
should have 3 hard copies of the Design Framework, as well as an electronic
copy.  Please also be prepared to identify the name of the Non-Profit
Organization who should receive the Design Framework Grant check, should your
team be selected to move forward and submit a final proposal.

Please remember to complete
the Online Cover Sheet, located
on the Ren10 Website at
noon on June 4th.


Design Framework Interviews
will take place on weekdays between Wednesday June 20th and
Wednesday June 27th.  The interviews will be 45 minute slots
5pm on
those days.  Design Teams will be notified of their exact interview slots
during the week of June 4th.


Design Teams will be notified
of decisions by July 9th, and can expect to receive their Design
Framework Grant checks that week.



Applicant Support


ONS will be offering limited
free individualized consulting assistance and additional applicant support
workshops. Contact Israil Steen at
or 773-553-3631, or visit the Ren10 website for more information.



Mock Interviews


ONS will be hosting Mock
Interviews to prepare Design Teams for the Design Framework and CET
Interviews.  These interviews will be held between
9am and 5pm on June 8th, and between 1pm and 5pm on June 11th.  Please contact Rachel Ksenyak at or
773-553-4197 to sign up for a Mock Interview.





Chicago International Charter School (CICS)


Please join the Office of New
Schools in congratulating the Chicago Charter School Foundation (CCSF), which
currently operates ten Chicago International Charter School (CICS)
campuses. Following a rigorous application
and evaluation process, CCSF has been renewed by the Chicago Board of Education
for a five-year term.




Perspectives Charter School


Please join the Office of New
Schools in congratulating Perspectives Charter School, which, following a
rigorous application and evaluation process, has been renewed by the Chicago
Board of Education for a five-year term.
Perspectives Charter School currently operates two
South Loop and Calumet.




Students Recognized at
May 23rd Board of Education Meeting


Congratulations to the following Renaissance 2010
students who were recognized at the May 23rd Board of Education
meeting for their achievement on the scholarships that they have been



Hugo Munoz, Noble Street Charter

Laurence Pommells, Noble Street Charter

Omaris Zamora, Noble Street Charter


Golden Apple:

Gresshen Nunez, Noble Street Charter

America Topete, Noble Street Charter


Scholarship Chicago:

Ashley Anderson, CICS Longwood Campus




Three Renaissance 2010
Schools to Participate in
CPS High School Transformation


Three CPS Performance Schools slated to open in Fall 2007
as part of Renaissance 2010’s
Cohort III have been selected to
participate in CPS’ High School Transformation plan, funded by the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation. Collins
Academy (Academy of Urban School Leadership), Austin Polytech Academy, and
Marine Military Academy will provide a rigorous, college-prep curriculum
designed to fully engage students and to be more aligned with what their peers
are learning in other education systems nationally and internationally. Among Transformation’s goals are
providing a more challenging and engaging learning experience for students to
better prepare them for college and to help the district meet its goal of
increasing the graduation rate to 70 percent by 2010.


This is the second year of the Transformation
project. Last year the curriculum was
introduced to ninth graders in 14 high schools.
Transformation will continue to support the original cohort of students
as they matriculate through the system, as well as introduce the curriculum to
incoming freshmen in both Cohort I and II schools.


“Because this is the first year, most of the
evidence is anecdotal, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly
positive,” says Allan Alson, Executive Director of High School
Transformation. “Several teachers
are reporting that their students are not only coming to class excited about
the lesson of the day, but they’re also directing their own learning. This is phenomenal. We have a very high-quality curriculum that
is both fun and challenging.”




ACE Tech Wins 2007
FIRST Robotics Competition
Midwest Championship


Congratulations to the ACE Tech Charter High School’s Robotics Team, the Mechanicats, for winning the 2007 FRC Midwest Regional
Championship! They will next compete in
Atlanta, Georgia, in the National Finals. FIRST (“For Inspiration and Recognition
of Science and Technology”) Robotics Competition is a sport of the mind
designed for high-school-aged youth interested in science and technology. Students are rewarded for excellence in
design, demonstrated gracious professionalism and maturity, and the ability to
overcome obstacles. See
for more information.

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