Latest CPS Victim Announced

Over the weekend, police reported that Frank Mulroney, who had attended Chicago Public Schools in the 1950s, had died while on vacation.

A Senn graduate, Mulroney (pictured) was in Alaska on vacation with his grandchildren when he fell victim to a freak roller-blading accident in the mountains.

But even after all these years and at such a distance, the victim's connections to CPS remained extremely strong. He had apparently talked to a friend about the new CPS alumni website. And he had recently attended a Senn reunion.

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of another member of the CPS community," remarked schools CEO Arne Duncan in a written statement. "The district has a responsibility for all its students, no matter when they attended school or how far away their victimization took place."

In related news, the Tribune and Sun Times announced that in all future news coverage of violent crime citywide they would print the graduation year and school of the victims in parentheses (ie, Wells '92).

"Just because it's been a few years since someone was in school, we can't ignore the fact that they were once CPS students and are forever affiliated with that institution," noted newly-appointed Tribune editor Gerould Kern.

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