Last-Minute Graduation Snafus?

A reader wrote in with this strange situation -- making me wonder how common it is:  "My 8th grade son was to go to his graduation cerelmony tomorrow (Friday)
and I was told today that he cannot graduate--today (Thursday)! My mother is in
from out of town--this is bad. We had reservations. I asked the
principal why we only found out now and he said that the system was new
and he gave me a number to complain.
So please send this to parents
and tell them to call the program number and this is what he gave
me, 773-553-3925. Call them and tell them to aloow our children to

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  • I'm getting sick of people complaining their kids cannot walk on graduation day even though they have not met the requirements. If we let kids participate in the ceremony, even though they still have requirements to meet, then it diminishes the value of the accomplishment for those students who did meet all requirements.

    My school used to let anyone who was a senior attend gradution. We literally had kids say (quite proudly) "I graduated, I just didn't get a diploma. Graduation is something that must be earned, it is not a right. If you disagree with the requirements, lobby to change them. In the meantime, let's respect those kids who worked to meet all requirements and not cheapen their accomplishments.

  • Of course, 8th grade graduation ceremonies are more than a little silly if you ask me. Same a kindergarden graduations. We should do away with 8th grade graduation ceremonies entirely and place all of the emphasis on grdauation with a high school diploma. That's the prize we should be celebrating. All 8th graders have done is pass on to a higher grade.

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