Last In Science

Yikes.  The urban NAEP science scores are out today and not even the district's nonpoor students do well on them compared to other big cities (Chicago students behind urban peers in science | Chicago Tribune.)  Over all, "4th-graders posted the lowest average score compared with their
counterparts in the other cities. The 8th-graders came in next to last,
beating out only Los Angeles.


Chicago pupils lag in U.S. science test Tribune
Chicago Public Schools pupils lag behind their peers in other large
urban school districts on national science exams, according to data
released Wednesday.

CPS kids lag badly in science Sun-Times
Nearly two-thirds of Chicago fourth-graders who took a national test
last year failed to display even the most basic level of science
knowledge and skills. By eighth grade, that number jumped to 72
percent, also putting that group toward the bottom of the pack.

Most Students in Big Cities Lag Badly in Basic Science New York Times
A least half of eighth graders tested in science failed to demonstrate
even a basic understanding of the subject in 9 of 10 major cities, and
fourth graders, the only other group tested, fared little better,
according to results released here Wednesday.


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  • At least this is being reported. Chicago's NAEP science scores are right in line with the math and reading scores which were released earlier this year with barely a word in the Chicago press.

    2005 scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress rank Chicago 8th out of 11 large urban school districts in overall reading scores and 10th out of 11 in overall math scores.

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