Knucklehead: What To Call The "Bad" Kids?

One of the things you hear most often in schools is some sort of

creative, somewhat politically correct name for the "bad" kids --

defiant, troublesome, taxing kids who are ditching class (or being put

out of class) all too often.

Knucklehead_kidsSome people call them "knuckleheads" --

which used to mean "dummy" but has since taken on a more

pleasant-seeming connotation. Some even (still) call them "bad apples"

-- suggesting not just poor behavior but innate troublesomness.


habit, it seems to me, is to find a term that's inoffensive but still

descriptive -- maybe intentionally anachronistic, or ironic. But it

occurs to me (having fallen into using the term knucklehead) that maybe

these cuter terms aren't any better than some of the harsher ones that

most adults refrain from using.

What do you hear kids being called in

the schools you know best, and what do you think about it?

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