KIPP Founder On Colbert Tonight

51yvj3asyl_ss500_KIPP co-founder David Levin will be on the Colbert Report tonight, according to Whitney Tilson.

As you may recall, Colbert had TFA founder Wendy Kopp on last year,

and I think he (of maybe it was Jon Stewart) had Charles Best from

DonorsChoose on the show. I think Spellings may have been on both

shows, but I could be wrong about that. It's all blurring together --

someone should do a best of Colbert/Stewart education bits post.

What education-related person or program will be on one of these

shows next? My guess is that it'll be Geoffrey Canada (or Paul Tough),

or maybe Peg Tyre.

Chicago fact: Apparently, the booker for the show is Jonathan Alter's wife. Alter, a Newsweek political columnist, comes from Chicago. Now, back to KIPP.

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