KIPP Breakups -- Seven Of 'Em

If you thought that Chicago was the only place where a KIPP school has gone down in flames, it's just not so. 
to KIPP's Mike Feinberg for walking the walk when it comes to
transparency, I can tell you the  little-known list of six KIPP "breakups"
referred to in Jay Mathews' column

this week, and his partner Steve Mancini added a seventh.

As with the
other kind of breakups, what exactly happened (who broke up with whom,
and why) is in some cases at least open to different interpretation by
the parties involved. My interpretations are in parenthesese: KIPP PATH
in DeKalb County, GA and KIPP Sac Prep in Sacramento ("it was
mutual")...KIPP Chicago Youth Village and KIPP Asheville Youth Academy
(“never got that prenup signed")...KIPP Achieve in Atlanta and KIPP
Sankofa in Buffalo ("it's not me, it's you")... KIPP Cole in Denver
(never made it past the third date).

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