Kelleher's Korner: More Fuel for the Ed Funding Fight?

Former senior Catalyst writer Maureen Kelleher writes in:

"While Democrats nationally are rejoicing in the midterm election results, education funding advocates here in Illinois may have gotten a boost, too.  With a veto-proof majority behind him, Senate President Emil Jones may have extra gas in his tank in the drive to bolster the states share of education funding (Senate president packs more power Tribune, Veto-proof Senate might rein in gov Sun-Times). However, it's still not a done deal.  Gov. Rod Blagojevich shows no signs of easing off his pledge not to raise taxes. And though south suburban voters approved a few tax hikes for local services, their mood still seems hostile (Voters shut down most attempts to boost tax rates Tribune). I predict we'll see funders giving extra gas to the grassroots campaign in the next few months."

Very interesting stuff. 

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