Kelleher's Corner: A Privatization Play

Former Catalyst writer Maureen Kelleher writes in about privatization...of the railroads:

Privatization is a perennial hot topic on this site, of course. Though I'm no arts critic, I'd like to recommend a play to fuel the fire: The Permanent Way,a drama about the privatization of the British railway system and its aftermath.

For those who may not know, a series of horrible train crashes followed the privatization of British Rail, leading to the formation of groups of survivors and bereaved, who take very different approaches in their efforts to seek justice and increase safety in the rail system. This is the play's first U.S. production, by New Leaf Theater, running now through March 3 at the Lincoln Park Community Center.

To create the script, playwright David Hare and nine actors interviewed rail compay officials, civil servants, a policeman who bucked the system to force inquiry into a crash, accident survivors and bereaved family members to produce a very thought-provoking play. If you see the show and can't find analogies to public education, I'll be amazed. If you don't walk out wondering how to stop the proverbial buck from being passed on endlessly, I'll be even more amazed.

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