Keeping Up With This Site -- Effortlessly

There are a bunch of ways to keep up with this blog without having to check back here all the time to see if there are new posts or -- even more important -- new comments.

One easy way is to track new updates with an RSS Feed. Basically, you tell the RSS program which sites you want to watch, and it gathers new posts automatically for you to review at your convenience, all in one place. Two popular RSS programs (free!) are and Google Reader. Some homepages -- Yahoo! for example -- can also do this for you. The RSS "feed" that you for this site is: Feeling adventurous? Copy that link into your browswer, hit return, and see what happens.

The other, even easier way to go, is to sign up for the weekly update. You sign up, and every Monday you get a weekly email telling you all the things that were on the site last week. I forgot to do one this week, because of that whole President's Day thing, but people like it and it's easy (and free) to sign up. Just go here. Tell them you want to sign up for "thisweekined-update" (without the quotation marks). Enter your email. You'll get a confirmation, and then you're all set.

Up next: Keep track of discussions that interest you, get a daily update via email instead of the weekly one, and other cool things.

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