Keeping Clear About Violent Deaths Of Students

Il_cst Eric Zorn asks whether CPS officials and he media should be "counting" the deaths of students in Chicago the way we are -- almost as if they were taking place in schools (Should we be counting the violent deaths of Chicago Public School students?).  I

It's a good question, I think, especially when you see how folks like Arne Duncan have glommed onto the statistics.  It sells papers.  It's technically true.  It might get more funding for CPS, or positive attention to gang and social issues.  But it's also not quite right, is it.

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  • If we can teach the media, and leaders like Arne and the Mayor, to point to web site resources that people could use to get involved in solving the problems that cause youth to become killers or victems, then there might be more and better organizations working to help kids make positive decisions in most of these neighborhoods than there are now.

    In the Program Locator at you can search by zip code to find contact information for tutoring and/or mentoring programs in any part of the city. This can lead potential volunteers, leaders, and hopefully donors, into these neighborhoods where there help is needed on a multi-year basis.

  • Alexander Russo,

    What evidence do you have to say with such gusto "it sells papers?"

    We should all be guided by the truth. Can you tell me where you get the evidence to support that statement?

    Stephanie Banchero

    Chicago Tribune

    Education Reporter

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