Just Go To School Like I Tell You To

Just_go_to_schoolThanks to a friend for sending me this link to a post from Chicago Teacher Man complaining about the CPS campaign to get kids to go to school. The logo is pretty ugly, and the sentiment is pretty raw.  What do you think?

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  • Summer enrichment, whether doing agricultural work, reading for pleasure, going to camp, or what not, is great for children who aren't behind academically. The difficulty is that children who are already educationally deficient lose more of what they did know during the summer than those who are not deficient. So the behind student is even further behind when he goes back. Have a whole class of behind students and the 5th grade teacher might wind up having to spend the first month back to school reviewing material the students learned in the 4rth grade.

    My objection to the year round schools in Chicago is that it's the same number of school days as regular school. I think the research even indicates that the summer slide occurs over the shorter vacations the students get anyway, so the summer slide might not even be fixed by the schedule.

    I know the scores are pretty much directly traceable to family income. However, children of poverty must compete in the economy against the more privileged children, unless we want them to be stuck in poverty for the rest of their lives. Middle class and upper middle class children have a lot of advantages such as better educated parents, access to books and computers, parents with a positive attitude toward education and reading, et al. Upper class children are on a different plane altogether (see GWB) and aren't all that relevant as they tend to just compete amongst themselves or to be complete rotters. The only way I can think of for school to be able to compensate for what children of poverty are lacking is more time in school--either longer days or a longer year. The difficulty with that is it is not fair to those students who are already doing well and would benefit more from other enrichment activities. So then you could divide out the class and have only the academically deficient on the longer school year, but now you have tracking with all the challenges that holds.

  • How's that? Can you repeat every after "If you..." It's all pops and buzzes, sonny.

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