June Board Meeting

I'm sure the Board won't be shy about telling us what we should think
about this month's Board meeting (Wednesday June 24), but maybe we can
take an independent look and make up our own minds.

For example, the agenda for the June board meeting includes lots of retirement resolutions - is there anyone who's not getting a resolution, I wonder, or anyone on the two pages of names who is an unexpected or last-minute retirement?

There are also several resolutions calling on the PBC
to build or modernize several schools.  (Again, let us know if you see
anything out of the ordinary.)  I assume these resolutions are entirely
nonbinding, but still noteworthy if the PBC listens to the Board.

Changes to Skinner's status and its attendance areas -- expected, I think.  Though not an easy change.
Charter renewals and new performance contract approvals (AUSL,
etc.)  No dollar amounts or specific terms are provided on the agenda. 
The Board packet itself is only available at the Board meetings, far as
I know.  No electronic copies. 
New JROTC programs (Air Force and Navy).  Yay.

The revised school probation and remediation policy
from last month is back on the agenda -- changed or not since last
month I do not know.  (I will see if they'll send this one to me so we
can compare it to last month's.)

Extra eyes and insights always appreciated. PDF

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