Jumpin' Jobi

I knew vaguely that the Gates folks were looking for another person here in town -- not to do CHSRI but to help in other ways -- but I had no idea that Jobi Peterson, formerly of the Board and lately of ICAH, was after the job. 

Shows you what I know. 

Late on Friday I get this email from CPEF's Veenay Singla (who is not involved in the search): 

"As many of you know, Jobi Petersen, the Executive Director of the Illinois
Caucus for Adolescent Health will be leaving to take a position with the Gates
Foundation (but will still be based here in Chicago). I am chairing the search
committee to find a new ED. Will you help us get a strong pool of candidates by
circulating the attached position announcement to your networks - and maybe
recommend some specific candidates to us as well?  Thank you so much for your

Download edpositionannouncement1adolesc_health.pdf

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