July Board Meeting: Charters & Magnet Clones For Everyone!

Here's the official Agenda (PDF) for the July board meting, which includes

(a) the usual resolutions (Larry Stanton, etc.),

(b) a new policy for interviewing CPS students that I and other journo-watchdog types will need to take a look at,

(c) something new about "momentary physical intervention" in the classroom that looks juicy,

(d) plus the usual slew of approvals for new and/or repurposed magnet schools (Miles Davis, LaSalle II, Kershaw, Oscar Mayer, Disney II), charter renewals (Perspectives, LEARN, Passages), and Ren10 approvals (Burroughs II, Disney II, VOISE).

UPDATE: Student intervention policy on board's agenda CTDN


proposed policy to be considered by the city's board of education would

outline the circumstances under which "limited force" could be used to

control unruly students.

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