"John Dewey" Previews Contract Rumors

Not that I have any real say in the matter, but this is what I'm hoping that the new Chicago Teachers Speak Out blog focuses on (rather than the type of stuff I'm already covering):  insider teacher- and teacher union-related info.

Here, "John Dewy" dishes on some of the latest contract rumors, including some possible charter-related concessions that M.Stewart may be looking for (Upcoming CTU/CPS Contract).  Remember, this is all coming from the PACT side of things, but it's interesting and potentially useful stuff that I would probably never know or get to.

Other things I'd love to hear about from TSO:  Updates on classroom overcrowding, or greivances filed already (are there any?).  What CTU is trying/going to get from the Gov. in exchange for an endorsement, if anything?  Who's going to run this time against Stewart -- Debbie or someone new?  Reactions to the Catalyst story on internal union politics. 

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