Jobs For Everyone! (At CNTC)

Hidden in yesterday's hullabaloo about teacher retention was the news
that, starting this year, new teachers won't go through GOLDEN MINT or
whatever CPS used to provide.  Instead, the Chicago New Teacher Center
is taking over. 

model is based on fulltime "induction coaches" who are supposed to meet
with new teachers weekly, rather than part-time, school-based mentors. 
[Disclosure:  I did some consulting for CNTC in 06-07.]  
Check it all out here -- a knowledgeable friend of the site sent this along the other day. 

Will CNTC coaching do any better than the old CPS program?  Is
anyone going to miss GOLDEN (other than the folks who ran and staffed
the program?) Meantime, I'm guessing that CNTC is hiring
coaches to work with new teachers.  Everyone, send them your resumes!

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