Job Opening Of The Week: NACSA Policy Director

Currently capped at 30 (sort of), charter schools may not be more than an blip on the radar for some in Chicago right now, but they're a big deal elsewhere and likely to continue to grow in CPS as well.  Ten years from now, I'm guessing that charters -- and maybe even vouchers -- are going to be fairly commonplace, for better or worse. 

That's what makes this job -- NACSA policy director -- the "job of the week."  It's at a national organization that's based in Chicago -- not such a common thing.  It reunites Butch Richmond and Sundance Ayers.  They're doing lots of work in NOLA among other places.  And authorizing -- the process of screening and approving and if necessary de-authorizing -- is one of the most important places in the charter quality equation. 

Link: National Association of Charter School Authorizers.

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