January Renaissance 2010 Report

The latest Ren10 newsletter is out, and this one opens with an inspiring quote from new schools "chief" (new title?) Hosanna Mahaley Johnson.  There's also word that 2 more Ren10 designs were approved at the December Board meeting -- a performance school (Team Englewood) and a contract school (Prologue).  Check it out below. 



Do We Really
Mean What We Say?


New Year!


we embark upon a new year, we must ask ourselves -- Are we truly embracing our
assignment to prepare every child in every school to compete globally? We have
all accepted the responsibility to change lives, but do we really mean what we
say? The distinguished anthropologist Margaret Mead once stated
Never doubt that a small,
group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the
only thing that ever has. We are a small group of committed educators
and now is the time to ask ourselves are we standing
for change. Thank to those who have chosen to stand whether you are a school
leader, authorizer, parent, educator, legislator, donors, community member and
even a student.
If we stand for nothing we will fall
for anything.


in Service,


Mahaley Johnson

Office of New Schools, Chief Officer





Top 10
Questions to Ask Elected Officials Regarding Where They Stand on Public



1. What are your top
priorities for improving public education?

2. What will you do to
improve the quality of public schools?

3. What is your plan to
provide adequate funding for all public schools?

4. How will you support
the goal of high achievement for every student?

5. How will you engage
the community, and help schools engage the community, to improve our public

6. What do you believe
schools should do to better prepare students with the skills and knowledge they
need to succeed in higher education, work and life?

7. What do you believe
are the best ways to evaluate school and student performance?

8. What is your
position on the federal No Child Left Behind Act?

9. How would you help
schools recruit and retain highly qualified teachers?

10. What resources and services, beyond
academics, do you believe schools and the community should provide to support
student well-being and achievement?





Proposal Writing Workshop | Northwestern University | February 7-9


The Grant
Institutes Grants 101: Professional Grant Proposal Writing Workshop
be held at
Northwestern University on February 7-9, 2007. It is
an intensive and detailed introduction to the process, structure, and skill of
professional proposal writing. The three-day workshop consists of the following
courses: Fundamentals of Program Planning, Professional Grant Writing, and
Grant Research. Interested development professionals, researchers, faculty, and
graduate students should register as soon as possible. All participants will
receive certification in professional grant writing from the Institute. For
more information call 888-824-4424
or visit The Grant Institute website at





America Alumna at Ren10
School Recognized


Currently a second grade teacher at Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School, an art-infused curriculum
based school located at
8 W. Root Street (previously Hartigan Elementary), Kristin
was highlighted in the Teach for
America Alumni Profile. Ms. Tilghman stated she chose
her school because
when she relocated to Chicago,
she chose to search for organizations that believed that all children deserved
a quality education and could achieve at high levels. She heard about
Lighthouse Academies and thought it was the perfect place to master her trade
as an artist while directly guiding children. Lighthouse has shown her that art
is more than necessary in the educational process and have reaffirmed her
career goals. Congratulations to Ms. Tilghman and
Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter Academy.


UNO Charter School Highlighted in
National Study


Since the 1980s the United
Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
has created a voice in school reform
and its dedication to community development. Recently, the National Alliance
for Public Charter Schools (NAPCS) completed a study to illustrate Latinos in
high-quality charter schools are exceeding performance of traditional public
school Latino students. The study highlights the Octavio Paz Campus that was opened in 1998 and explains how its rocky
start has shifted into sharp improvements which are visible in its 40
percentage point increase in students who are proficient on state test.
Congratulations to UNO and Octavio Paz!


Prep Receives National Recognition


Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men was recently featured in the
December edition of Ebony Magazine.
The article focuses on a nationwide movement to create predominantly African
American, all-male academies in urban districts. By providing a new option to
traditional public schools, these academies are hoping to offer Black boys a
better chance to succeed by connecting them with role models the students can
see themselves emulating. Don Steele,
a teacher at Urban Prep stated Im here to be one of the best
models these young men can have. With only 45% of African American male
students graduating high school in four years, being suspended and expelled
more often, and continuing to be assigned to special education there is a
demand to rescue these young men and parents are trying to find new options.
These academies are providing more structure, smaller class sizes, less
distractions, and more African American male role models. While there are some
opponents of single sex education, recent studies are showing it is working and
most importantly it is necessary. Congratulations to Urban Prep and its young


Receive Tremendous Musical Donation


Williams Elementary
 was one of the three schools
in the city to receive new instruments through a program organized by the
Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Orchestra members were on hand as they donated 27
new instruments to the schools music program and showed them how to play. With
30 first through eighth grade students currently in orchestra, the
schools music teacher is expecting it to double soon and plans to start
a marching band next year. A student stated This is big stuff for us
because everyone gets their own instrument now. The $60,000 contribution
was made possible the Music Activity Partnership program that provides concerts
and music instruction in eight low-income
Chicago schools.





New Schools Approved to Open in 2007


One Wednesday, December 20, 2006 the
Chicago Public Schools approved 2 new Renaissance 2010 schools. The schools are
listed below:


1 high school approved for CPS site:

 TEAM Englewood Community Academy

Approved Year: 2007

Location: 6201 S. Stewart

Type: Performance School


1 high school approved for an
independent site

 Prologue Early College

Approved Year: 2007

Location: 640 W. Irving Park

Type: Contract School


Congratulations to the recently approved Design Teams!


Students Make Stellar Accomplishment with Posse Foundations


Five of Chicago International Charter School (CICS) Northtown Campus
students were recently awarded the nationally recognized Posse Foundation
full-tuition scholarships worth over $600,000. In addition four of Chicago
International Charter School (CICS) Longwood Campus students were
awarded the same scholarship bringing the CICS total to 9!


With approximately 1,300 students nominated
for the award, 70 winners were chosen. Each year the Posse selects promising
students to become part of a 10-member team to attend college together. The
team, also known as posse, works together like a family to support each other
academically and emotionally to excel in college. Each of the awardees passed a
three-stage process of interviews and group activities. Below is a list of the
recipients along with their college of choice:



 Lisa Ayala (Carleton College)

 Beatriz Caas (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

 Ashley Dinzey (Carleton College in Minnesota)

 Jasmine McGhee (Denison University in Ohio)

 Yesenia Saavedra
University of Wisconsin at Madison)



 Conei Coleman (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

 Yudine LeJeune
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

 Michael Pace (DePauw University)

 Terrance Richardson (Oberlin College)


In addition to CICS, several other new schools students received
Posse Scholarships. The students are listed below by their respective schools:


North Lawndale College Preparatory Charter High School:

 Apriel Campbell (University of Wisconsin at Madison)

 Arthur Holman (Carleton College)

 Victoria Roberts (Denison University at Ohio)


Perspectives Charter School:

 Quishaun Moore (Carleton College)


Noble Street Charter School:

 Laurence Pommells (Pomona College in California)


Congratulations to all of the Posse scholarship recipients!


of YWLCS Graduates Are In College


Young Womens
Leadership Charter School (YWLCS)
inspires urban girls to engage
in rigorous college preparatory learning in a small school focused on math,
science and technology that nurtures their self-confidence and challenges them
to achieve. After opening in the fall of 2000 with 150 young women in 6th
and 9th grade, they currently have three graduating classes in
college. It is with great pride that they share the news that 84% of those women are still in college!
This is a remarkable achievement especially when compared to data released by
the University of Chicago that indicates only 6% of students graduating from
CPS go on to graduate from college. Congratulations to all of the staff, board
members, and trailblazing alumnae of YWLCS!

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