Jackson To Head Westinghouse HS In The Fall

Founding Al Raby principal Janice Jackson just announced that, after four years, she's leaving the small school located in the Lucy Flower building to head another, larger -- and soon to be newer -- West Side school: Westhinghouse HS, which stopped taking freshmen in 2004 according to a big story in Catalyst last year about how construction works. The Sun Times also has some background from last year about the pool size and the re-bidding of the contract.

Current faculty Jim Schwartz will be the Interim Principal and Vanessa Perry will be the assistant principal. Congrats, condolences to all involved. I met Jackson a couple of times when Raby was just starting up. My mom used to be on the board at the Center For Neighborhood Technology, which through Steve Perkins and others has been a partner to the school.

Anyone who knows more about how the construction is going or how the new Westinghouse is shaping up, let us know.

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