It's Not Just About The Kids

You wouldn't know it from how long it's taken me to post something,

but I thought there was some really interesting and useful stuff in

Rick Kahlenberg's Washington Monthly piece about unions and liberals (Inequality and Solidarity)

-- even if I'm not convinced that a union resurgence is on the

horizon. What I got from the piece was what seemed like an honest

assessment of the love-hate relationship between liberals, unions, and

the Democratic party, and a good reminder of what unionism can -- at

its best -- do in terms of pushing large-scale public policy. All you

hear about these days is how feeble unions are, or how obstructionist.

Sure, not all of us want to join a union or feel happy thoughts about

what unions do in the education space. But even without

collective bargaining for teachers, school reforms that don't give

stability, safety, and long-term financial viability to classroom

teachers don't seem to hold much chance of succeeding in the long

haul. This is something that reformers would do well to remember. It's not just about the kids.

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