ISAT Testing Doesn't Really Begin Monday

According to a CPS release sent out just a few minutes ago (see below), 30 percent of schools (150 schools?) didn't get their ISAT test booklets in time to start on Monday, and so they and the other 70 percent who have them can wait another week (until the 20th) to begin tests. 

According to the release, schools are encouraged to start on Monday if they can.  In reality, however, what CPS is doing means that many more than 30 percent of the schools won't be giving the tests on time, even if the booklets are sitting there in the principal's office.  I hear that some AIOs are trying to get their schools to test on Monday, but I don't know how many -- or if schools necessarily have to follow that instruction.

Like I said before (see below), this decision seems to emphasize the fairness of one school and student to another over the larger issue of security and credibility of the testing system. Tough call, but not the way I would have gone. 

Perhaps the release (below) should have been titled "ISAT Testing Doesn't Begin Monday"?

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