Is the Gates Transformation Just A Rehash of CASE?

The insightful and entertaining Gnats Grobnik is back, and he's not at all impressed with the Gates high school transformation effort -- especially given its resemblance(?) to CASE and the structured curriculum project of just a few years ago.


From Gnats:

What exactly is there to be excited about in the Gates Foundation's new
curriculum grant? Is it the number--$21 million? That's a lot of money,
somewhere on the order of the Mega Millions Lottery jackpot after a few
weeks without a winner. No, I don't think so. The Chicago Reading
Initiative rates more than twice that in the proposed Board of Ed
budget for 06-07, and it doesn't even exist anymore.

Is it the
idea of a standardized, rigorous curriculum? Hardly. The content-based
CASE exams and the related "Structured Curriculum Project" are still
warm in their graves. No, I doubt that's it either.

Is it
possible that there is nothing worth getting excited about here at all?
Is it even possible that a terminal sort of lunacy has set in at the
highest levels in response to the repeated failure of government
policies and private initiatives to improve urban education on a broad
scale, in a meaningful and repeatable way? It is tempting to suspect
that this is the first step in the Gates Foundation's attempt to cut
its losses and abandon its school reform project.

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