Is Stewart Losing Jobs?

Over at Chicago Teachers Speak Out, Victor H posts about job losses in CPS:"In the four years that Marilyn Stewart has been president, the union has lost membership... BIG TIME," he writes (The Job Protection Record of UPC and Marilyn Stewart). More than 4,000 dues paying members have simply vanished from the membership rolls. This information comes straight from the CTU's own reports. "


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  • Why will Charters ruin the union? They are a small part of the school option picture. Even if they grew to be twice what they currently enroll, it would still be well dwarved by the non-charter CPS enrollment.

    What most Charter operators say is the reason they don't want unions in their schools is work rules. If CTU agreed that the Charters would not be subject to work rules but salary would be determined by the Union contract, would that be enough for the CTU membership or do they really want to wipe out the Charter schools?

  • 8:02am,

    I work in an industry where 401Ks are the norm, not traditional pensions. I can say that there is a tremendous advantage of 401Ks which you hit upon. Freedom. The Freedom to work a few years at one company then pull up stakes and work somewhere else a while. Another benefit is that you determine how much you will contribute. In my early years I contributed less of a percentage than I do now because I was paid less. Another real benefit of 401Ks is that you can take out a loan against them in order to do stuff like home improvement or whatever. It's like floating a bond to yourself. Yet another benefit is that should you die before being retired long enough to recoup your investment, your 401K money becomes part of your estate. So there are benefits to 401Ks for the employee.

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