Is Pay to Play A Problem At CPS

Over at Illinoize, I found a post -- Cary Grade School District 26 Board Ends Pay to Play -- about how that district had vowed to not do business with companies that contribute to political compaigns that affect the district (board elections, referenda)-- an effort to end what many call "pay to play."

Now, we don't have board elections, and I haven't seen or heard of a referenda either, but there's certainly a lot of business being done between CPS and its vendors, and many of them are (I'm guessing) giving to various political campaigns (city council, county board, mayoral, congressional).

So I guess what I'm wondering -- especially in light of the Tru-Link fencing thing from last year and the landscaping thing from earlier this week (Contract fraud alleged Tribune)-- is whether vendors who want to do business with CPS are "asked" to contribute to political campaigns as a condition of getting a CPS contract, or whether anyone knows how to match up CPS vendors with their political contributions?

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