Is A+ Illinois Any Good?

This notice reminded me that I've always wondered what people think about A+ Illinois, which appears to be the state's only (?) major education advocacy outfit.  Are they effective?  Are they working on the right issues?  Do they put out useful reports or information, or lobby behind the scenes?

Here's the release (from CTU) below. 

+ Illinois Coalition Leads Fight for School Funding

Join the Fight by
Signing a Petition at:

A+ Illinois is a statewide coalition that is urging
leaders to take action on reforming state finances and the means we use
to fund our schools.  Coalition members include the IFT and public
labor unions, Chicago business members of the Metropolitan Planning Council, human
services advocates like the Urban League and Voices for Illinois Children, the
Illinois Farm Bureau, Citizen Action, and dozens of other groups. (

A+ is asking state legislative leaders to increase
state revenue for education from a combination of sources, such as income
taxes, sales taxes on personal services, gaming or other activities, and by
supporting other increased funding proposals as they arise.  You can help by
signing an electronic petition, which will be tuned over
to state legislators at the appropriate time. 

Please take action today at:

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