In Support of School Closings

Today's Tribune has a pro-Renaissance 2010 editorial with which I largely -- but not entirely -- agree.

The editorial basically supports school closings and opposes effort to limit them legislatively.  (`It's like a community revival'): "State
Rep. Cynthia Soto has introduced
a measure in Springfield that would make it all but impossible to close
a school. Even
worse, Chicago Ald. Michael Chandler (24th) has called for a flat-out
moratorium on city school closings. He wants to stop success.  Neither
measure is given a great chance of success. But they have to be taken
seriously--they have to be stuffed."

agree with all of that.  However, I feel that the best way to support
school closings is not just to knock down proposals to end them but
also to ensure that the closing proces is as unassailable as possible
-- which it isn't yet.

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